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Why I joined Fortis Games

One thing I love about the game industry is that it’s always changing. Technology and connectivity are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, delivering an ever-improving experience to players. I also love that the pool of creative talent is always expanding with people who — inspired by what’s possible — set out to make their own contributions to the universe of interactive entertainment. For every independent studio that is acquired, at least one brave new team makes a leap of faith and sets out on their own to build the thing they know in their hearts they must build. I relate to these people best because I, too, have made that leap — twice — and experienced all the fear and exhilaration that comes with it.

Entrepreneurs are driven to make a difference — to put something into the world that didn’t exist before. My version of this is rooted in observing trends that shape the evolution of the game industry, identifying problems that materialize with change, and working to build solutions to those industry problems. We are living in a world where billions of interconnected devices are now capable of running high definition, AAA games. The hardware and development tools grow more powerful every year. Talented game makers throughout the world are ready to harness advances in technology and connectivity to bring innovative new experiences to life.

This is an exciting playground in which to build new businesses. All that’s needed is the right leadership and the financial wherewithal to capitalize on big opportunities. Fortis has that, thanks to the strength of our corporate parent, which has given us a single mandate: build a world class company for the new era of video games.

There are several reasons why I joined Fortis:

First — Fortis Games is backed by Las Vegas Sands, one of the world’s largest and most admired integrated resort companies, making Fortis one of the best funded startups in games.

Second — its management team is made up of game industry founders that I know, respect, and have collaborated with before.

Third — at a time when many game companies are scaling back or reeling from overexpansion during the latest boom cycle, Fortis is in growth mode.

Like other game industry entrepreneurs, I know what it’s like to be constrained by insufficient funding or to square off against competitors with much deeper pockets. It’s made me wonder what might be possible if the energy and brainpower of some of our industry’s best entrepreneurs could be channeled into just building, without the burden of fundraising, the drama of market cycles, or the stress of not knowing whether they’ll be able to pay their teams. To founders, these can be hugely distracting challenges that take away from the focus that’s needed to create product-market fit and deliver entertainment experiences that millions of people love.

By eliminating these constraints and burdens, Fortis empowers entrepreneurs and developers to cultivate the next generation of breakthrough, cutting-edge games. We are bringing substantial financial and human resources to the table at a time when too many talented game makers badly need them. With a rapidly growing and truly global team spanning 15+ countries, Fortis is welcoming industry transition from a position of strength.

As chief business officer, I will be at the center of identifying, prioritizing, and capturing the bountiful external growth opportunities ahead of us. I’ll also make sure our internal development and publishing teams have the infrastructure, funding, and support they need to create and scale the best games. Above all, I’ll work closely with Fortis leadership and our parent company to turn the engine of creativity and innovation we’ve assembled into one of the game industry’s top companies.

That’s why I joined Fortis — to build.

Authors: Dan Sherman